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Over time, focusing on quality work, DAS Painting has become one of the preferred painting contractors for many people around.


Call Us if You Need a Remodeler and a Painting Contractor

If ever you’re getting tired of looking at the same kind of kitchen all the time, maybe it’s time to have it remodeled. You can choose various ways on how you can remodel it. You can always refer to the Internet or home magazines to give you ideas on how you can remodel parts of your house. So now you have a design concept in mind, the next thing you need to do is to call DAS Painting to get it done. After remodeling, we can have it painted for you properly since we have a painting contractor as well. You can find us in DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia).

Advantages of Having Parts of Your House Remodeled

This kind of work is most common for houses which have been standing for a very long time. Instead of having it wrecked and built from the ground up, the best option is to just have some areas remodeled to cut down expenses. This is also the cheapest way if you want to restore a house back to its former beauty, which is why it’s a big advantage for anyone, especially if they want to save a lot of money.

Another benefit with our remodeling services is it can eliminate different types of damage. Usually, a damaged kitchen sink may also have a damaged plumbing system so you’re basically hitting two birds with one stone. Before remodeling the kitchen, you can have a plumber fix the plumbing system so that you won’t have to run across plumbing problems later on.

Need a Professional Remodeler? Hire Us!

With years of remodeling experience, we are able to offer top-quality services for you and all of our clients. We are adept in remodeling different places of the house like your kitchen and bathroom. We also have equipment and tools so that we can efficiently get the job done.

After DAS Painting is done doing the remodeling work, we can also have our painting contractor paint it so that you won’t have to bother looking for another painter. Call us today at (301) 684-0614. Or if you need to talk to us personally, we care based in DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia).


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